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Preparing for the CFI Practical Test - A guide and syllabus for the 5 Day CFI Checkride Prep

Preparing for the CFII Practical Test - A guide and syllabus for the 4 Day CFII Checkride Prep

Airspace Lesson - Covers all elements of a complete airspace lesson

Slow Flight & the Power Curve - A good article by Dan Namowitz on the Region of Reverse Command

CFI Stalls - A 1 page set-up and recovery procedure for the 5 stalls on the CFI checkride

Effects of Weight & CG on Performance & Stability - A table to use to explain what & why

Risk Management - A graphic to remember Single Pilot Resource Management components

FAA Order 8900 - FAA official guidance on the conduct of practical tests

FAA Order 8260 - FAA official guidance for RNAV approaches

Learning Statement Reference Guide - Knowledge test codes for deficiency endorsement of 61.39

Advice from an Examiner - Advice for you (and later your students) about the checkride

Common Checkride Weaknesses - Report from an FAA examiner after 50 checkrides

Stop Making it Difficult - Advice for CFI's on teaching from an examiner

VFR Nav Log Front - A really good Excel VFR nav log form to use with students

VFR Nav Log Back - Back page for weather and flight plan

Pre-Solo Questionnaire - A sample required pre-solo questionaire for private students

First Solo Certificate - Certificate in which to electronically paste a picture of the big day

Student Solo Limitations - Suggested 90 day & cross country student solo limitations

Student De-Brief Form - An form that provides structure for the post flight student de-brief

CFI Logbook - Record flights for accurate transfer into your real logbook

Aviation Pearls of Wisdom - VFR, IFR, and Weather rules of thumb

Student Tracking Sheet - Worksheet to sort follow-ups and keep track of potential students

8710 Form - Manual 8710 form if examiner does not accept IACRA

Endorsements - All logbook endorsements from National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)

Endorsement Booklet - All endorsements in a handy booklet size (NAFI) (print & top spiral bind)

Private Checkride Labels - Just print on 8.5x11 label paper, cut, stick, and sign (NAFI)

Instrument Checkride Labels - Just print on 8.5x11 label paper, cut, stick, and sign (NAFI)

Commercial Checkride Labels - Just print on 8.5x11 label paper, cut, stick, and sign (NAFI)

CFI Checkride Labels - Just print on 8.5x11 label paper, cut, stick, and sign (NAFI)

CFII Checkride Labels - Just print on 8.5x11 label paper, cut, stick, and sign (NAFI)

Private & Commercial PTS Quick Reference Guide - A kneeboard size summary of Private & Commercial PTS

TSA Security & Citizenship Requirements - Staying on the right side of TSA

Turn Diameter Worksheet - Calculate load factor, accelerated stall speed, turn diameter

UND Podcasts - Commercial and private maneuvers with X-Plane with real cockpit views

Area Forecast Issue Times - Hard to find times when area forecasts are issued

Acting vs.Logging PIC Time - An explanation of FAR 61.51

Explaining Lift - A great explanation of lift in simple terms

Angle of Attack - A great video explaining angle of attack

Pitch for Power - A scholarly article about the age old question "Is pitch for airspeed or altitude?"

Constatnt Speed Prop Governor Diagram - McCauley Prop Governor Diagram

Constant Speed Prop - A great PPT presentation by Derek Beck on how constant speed props work

Constant Speed Prop - A great diagram of a constant speed prop & governor by Ken Glaze

Manifold Pressure & Constant Speed Props - How manifold pressure & constant speed props work

Transitioning to High Performance Airplanes - Chapter 11, FAA Airplane Flying Handbook

Flight Review Plan - Form to use for student Flight Reviews

IPC Plan - Short form to use for student IPCs

IPC Plan - Detailed plan for an IPC from the FAA

Flight Review/IPC Questions - List of questions for flight reviews and IPCs

Advisory Circular Index - Numbering system of all Advisory Circulars

Advisory Circular List - Numerical list of all Advisory Circulars

Traffic Pattern Procedures Diagram - Simple traffic pattern diagram for private students

Annual Security Training - Website for initial and recurrent annual security arareness training

Provider Registration - TSA website for Providers to register (such as independent CFI's)

Foreign Student Registration - TSA website for foreign students security registration

Fingerprinting Locations - TSA approved fingerprinting locations for foreign flight students

WAAS v.s. Non WAAS - Differences between WAAS and Non WAAS GPS

Slope Angle Converter - Excel spreadsheet that converts slope angle to degrees