Flight Training Apps Inc. releases first Instrument Pilot App


El Cajon, May, 21st 2011 - Flight Training Apps Inc, an emerging San Diego company specializing in high definition, affordable flight training videos and software has just released the first product for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The App titled “Garmin 430/530W Holds & Approaches” is soon to be followed by a second app titled “Garmin 430/530W Setup & Enroute Use, Flight Plans, SIDs/STARs”. Flight Training Apps, founded by partners Ant Bilsev and Dave Simpson has plans for 50 different topics including private and commercial maneuvers, ground school, glider training, avionics training, and checkride preparation. The company is bringing high definition quality to the flight training market, with content configured for both traditional PC users and those with new emerging devices such as iPhones and iPads. The company will soon release their apps for the Android market, another popular format.

Both Bilsev and Simpson are active flight instructors with technical backgrounds. Because they fly with students everyday, they understand the needs of today’s pilots and have incorporated this knowledge into their products. Simpson, a Gold Seal and Master Flight Instructor has been flying and instructing for years and owns an active flight school. Bilsev an engineer and flight instructor has been a consultant in the aviation industry for years. He brings his extensive technical background and specialized video and audio skills into the company.

Each app includes actual in flight video, simulations, and interactive content creating a superior learning experience. A free demo and access to Flight Training Apps products are available on their website at www.flighttrainingapps.com.

Flight Training Apps Inc. owners Ant Bilsev (left) and Dave Simpson (right)


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